Grow In Peace Testimonials!

The children are the reason we’re here and we love them. But the Mommies, Daddies, Grandparents, Aunts  & Uncles  are all part of  our support system as we are also part of their support system. Our goal is to help them help their children to Grow In Peace and here are some of the great things they’ve said about Grow In Peace Day care.

~Miss Monique has been a part of my children's lives for almost 4 years. She is so loving and compassionate with the kids and have always felt so comfortable leaving them in her care. They do crafts, play outside a lot, learn, and eat healthy. It's been great for our family! - Summer Bacon
Grow In Peace Garden
Grow In Peace Garden
~ They play outside, eat healthy (which I can't get my son to do), and she gets him to nap. She's MAGICAL! - Kalyn Greathouse
~ Every time that I stop by "Grow in Peace" to visit the kids seem so happy and content!!!

Monique has the most creative lesson plans. I particularly loved the week of the letter "S". She decorated with an "Under the "S"ea" theme with a giant octopus hanging from the ceiling!!! The kids loved running through the tentacles that hung down from the ceiling almost to the floor. One of the activities was having the kids "S"wim in a pool filled with "S"paghetti. So much laughter that day!!! (Note: Do NOT send your little ones in their Sunday best, because Monique believes in playing and getting dirty is part of the fun!!!)Monique is truly the "Child Whisperer". When she was teaching at the Carbondale New School, I observed kids who were wild & out of control in the car when they arrived at school with their parents, but as soon as they were in Miss Monique's class, they were perfectly behaved. In her entire lifetime, I've never heard Monique raise her voice in frustration or anger to anyone. She treats children with so much gentleness, respect and love.She fixes delicious, all-natural, gluten-free meals and snacks for the kids. During the summertime, the kids have so much fun getting to pick fruits and vegetables from the garden that they helped plant and tend!!!I wish when my girls were little they could have gone to "Grow in Peace". It's truly a magical place!!! - Joyce Fisher