Whats in a Day

A Day in the Life at Grow In Peace

We started our day with a fresh fruit smoothie consisting of bananas, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries. Next we enjoyed a bowl of french vanilla yogurt with chia seeds.  We then rounded off breakfast with a cheesy zuchinni omelet and creamy rice cereal.

We are currently studying  ocean life. The children looked at an assortment of shells with magnifying glasses.   Some of the children sorted them or arranged them from biggest to smallest.

We have a large basket of ocean related books, so I read a few stories to the children and then they explored the books on their own.  We laughed at the random things that have been found in sharks stomachs!

After story time we went outside to water and weed the garden and play.  Some of the children picked an assortment of basil, dill, parsley and cilantro to take home to share with their families.

We also took a ball of twine outside and a measuring tape.  We measured the length of some of the rather large animals we have been studying on the ground; great white sharks, blue whales, orcas, baby humpback whales and their mothers, etc.  We compared these giant creatures to some of the smaller sharks we have learned about this week.  For example, a tiger shark is the size of most 5 year olds and the dwarf shark fits in the palm of my hand!

Next we  played “The Bunny Bunny Rabbit Game” and then went in for snack.

For our snack we had cucumbers from the garden and carrot sticks with hummus, that they children helped prepare.

For afternoon play we played a game called “Carpet Shark”.  Where the children lie on the carpet in the playroom.  I, unsuspecting prey, wonder by commenting on how I don’t see anything on the floor of the ocean except what one would expect, sand.  As I near each shark they spring to action to bite (grab my ankles with their arms) me just like a carpet shark.

Now it is time for ree play time while I prepare food for lunch.

For lunch we had roasted chicken, steamed kale and rice.

After lunch each day we have a  Dance Party followed by Story Time.

After Story time, the older children chose items to play with at the table while I helped the younger children settle in for their nap.

Once  the younger children fall asleep the older children and I wrote the menu for the Ocean Feast we were planning for Friday to celebrate the close of our ocean studies.  We plan on having cocktail shrimp, crab legs, lobster tails, squid, octopus and scallops.

SIDE NOTE- The children were so excited after two weeks of studying the ocean most of them actually ate all of the items listed above and asked for more!!!

We then added a page to our Shark Book.  The book included labeled representations of some of the sharks we learned about-

Lantern Shark- made with glow in the dark sand

Tiger Shark- made by cutting and gluing black stripes to the outline of a shark

Leopard Shark- made using a Qtip and paint on the outline of a shark

Dwarf Shark- made by tracing my hand and then cutting out the shape of a shark that would fit on it

Carpet Shark- made by cutting and gluing brown felt pieces to the outline of a carpet shark

Blue Shark- made by coloring hard with a blue crayon a shark on white paper then painting over it with blue water color to show how they blend in

This was followed by free play including block play, writing, story telling and exploring books.

After nap is snack time.  We enjoyed pretzels and mixed veggie chips and cheese slices.

We ended the day with more free play including playing with play doh, singing, dancing and playing musical instruments.